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Talent by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski   Talent by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski   Talent by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski   Talent by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski


In the vein of supernatural plan crash thriller TV show Lost, Bram Stoker-award winning writer Christopher Golden and novelist Tom Sneigoski join break-out new art talent Paul Azaceta to tell an innovative four issue mini-series - Talent. When flight 654 goes down, it takes 148 souls with it. But not Nicholas Dane. How did the 34 year old college professor survive -- was it a miracle? Now Nicholas finds that he has the memories and skills of one of the passengers from the flight -- a boxer -- and he's got to use them to survive! Talent was originally released as a four issue mini-series in 2006. All four issues were then bound together in one trade paperback edition and released in May 2007.

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TPB ISBN-10: 1427606714
TPB ISBN-13: 978-1427606716


"Simply astounding! Writers Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski are two of the most underrated and talented writers in all of Comicdom, and Talent #1 is a grand example as to why. Golden and Sniegoski grab you from the opening panel and refuse to let you go until issue's end. Along the way, Talent #1 moves like a breakneck Hollywood thriller in the vein of TV's Lost, all brought to life by the dark, moody art of Paul Azaceta. A stronger, more addictive debut issue I haven't read! Sleeper Hit Of The Year, right here! Overall grade = A+"
-- The Comic Fanatic

"The writing is overtly cool, blending suspense and a grasp of the improbable . . . an almost perfect combination of action and dialogue . . . an incredible start for a series and a team of creators with a lot of promise. Talent is a good mystery with a good hook. 4.5 out of 5 bullets."
-- Silver Bullet Comic Books

"An intriguing, smartly paced setup. Golden and Sniegoski hit all the right notes here, promising action and intrigue a'plenty, and Azaceta's storytelling takes another impressive leap forward. Talent could very well be Boom!'s first legitimate organic hit. (4 out of 5 conspiracy theories.)"
-- Buzzscope at Pop Culture Shock

"Boom! Studios has turned a few heads in the industry over the past year or so, offering up entertaining and usually irreverent fare. But with the release of Talent #1, the relatively new publisher is going to come to the attention of a much wider audience. Talent is a rare creature: a comic book that lives up with its own in-house hype. Established comics writers Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski balance the dark intrigue of the book with some real-world elements that make it easy to immerse oneself in the story. The premise and atmosphere of the book alone should be enough to hook an audience. 9/10"
-- The Fourth Rail

"Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski have created a moody and gripping tale of conspiracy, intrigue, mystery and action. An interesting and well executed first issue. It does best, what it should; getting you interested enough to buy the next book. BOOM Studios appears to be more interested in telling good stories than showing you how smart they are."
-- Around Comics

"Golden and Sniegoski cut to the chase without divulging too much . . . Azaceta works for all aspects of what turns out to be a pretty dark tale. . . One of the strongest openings of any series I've read in some time. Best of all, it leaves the reader wanting answers just as bad as the confused protagonist does."
-- Broken Frontier

"Talent is pretty high concept -- sole survivor of a plane crash wakes (after sixteen hours underwater) with the talents (from boxing to origami so far) of all the people on the flight and secret Catholic bad guys (who've infiltrated the United States government) pursue him. I'm not a fan of high concept but by the seventh page I was fully onboard. Besides the excellent art by Paul Azaceta . . . the pacing is wonderful."
-- The Stop Button

News from Universal

From the June 9th issue of The Hollywood Reporter: Uni bids big Boom for 'Talent' comic by Borys Kit and Tatiana Siegel Universal Pictures has "Talent." The studio won the rights to the Boom Studios comic book in a heated bidding war that involved five studios including DreamWorks and Warner Bros. Pictures. Written by Christopher Golden and novelist Tom Sniegoski and drawn by Paul Azaceta, the four-issue miniseries follows a 34-year-old college professor who is the lone survivor of a plane crash. He discovers he has mysteriously taken on the "talents" of those who died in the crash and finds that the attributes are a blessing and a curse. Marc Platt will produce the film adaptation along with Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby via their Boom Entertainment Inc. banner. Jeff Kirschenbaum and David Ortiz will oversee the project for the studio.

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