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The Fallen novels were first published in 2003-2004. They were developed into a movie and limited series which aired on ABC Family. The books will be reprinted in two omnibus editions with new photo covers in 2010.

The Fallen Omnibus 1: The Fallen and Leviathan
Published by Simon Pulse
March 9th, 2010
ISBN-10: 1442408626
ISBN-13: 978-1442408623

The Fallen Omnibus 2: Aerie and Reckoning
Published by Simon Pulse
July 20th, 2010
ISBN-10: 1442408634
ISBN-13: 978-1442408630


The Fallen Omnibus 1   The Fallen Omnibus 2



Book One: The Fallen

It's the eve of his eighteenth birthday and Aaron is experiencing dreams of a disturbing nature. In the darkly violent and chaotic dreamscape, Aaron is an armor-clad warrior in the midst of a bloody conflict.

He can hear the sounds of weapons clanging, the screams of the stricken, the pathetic moans of the dying, and another sound he cannot quite discern.

But as he gazes upward, he suddenly understands, watching as hundreds of armored warriors descend on the battlefield from the sky above. It is the sound of wings beating the air unmercifully.

The flapping of angels' wings.

The Fallen.

Orphaned since birth, Aaron is suddenly discovering newfound -- and sometimes supernatural -- talents. But not until he is approached by two men does he learn the truth about his own destiny, and his role as a liaison between angels, mortals, and Powers both good and evil, some of whom are hell-bent on his own destruction....

February 2003
ISBN: 068985305X
272 pages in length
Published by Pocket Books



The Fallen



Book Two: Leviathan

Run and hide.

Eighteen-year-old Aaron is on the run from the Powers that killed his foster parents and took his younger brother, Stephen. With his dog, Gabriel, and Camael, a former Powers' commander, he is drawn north to a small town in Maine. Here, Aaron, who still hasn't accepted this newfound heritage, finds comfort in the isolated, tight-knit community.

But when Camael and Gabriel go missing, and their landlady suddenly attacks Aaron, he is forced to learn more about the War in Heaven and the many Powers that are fighting for dominance . . . of humankind.

July 2003
ISBN: 0689853068
240 pages in length
Published by Pocket Books


The Fallen Leviathan



Book Three: Aerie

Haven? Or Hell?

Aaron Corbet is an eighteen-year-old Nephilim and the one who will reunite the fallen angels with Heaven. But right now Aaron isn't interested in saving anybody other than himself, his magically powered dog, and his younger, autistic foster brother, Steven, from Verchiel, the cruel leader of the Powers. Verchiel is bent on destroying Aaron, and with him all hope of angelic reconciliation.

With the help of a fallen angel, Aaron manages to arrive in the angelic refuge known as Aerie. Though he hopes to catch his breath before continuing the Good Fight, Aaron learns that the other residents of Aerie are concerned about his presence and his role in their future. But how can he win their trust when he has accidentally led the Powers straight to the sanctuary of the Fallen?

November 2003
ISBN: 0689853076
320 pages in length
Published by Pocket Books

The Fallen Aerie



Book Four: Reckoning

The time has come for Aaron Corbet, the eighteen-year-old son of an angel and a mortal, to face his worst enemy. Verchiel, the fallen leader of the Powers, is determined to defeat the prophecy that foretold Aaron's power over all the Fallen. And to do this, he intends to kill Aaron, hoping that the removal of such a "blight" will restore Verchiel in the eyes of the Creator.

Aaron has been training for this showdown, working to understand and control the awesome force that resides deep within himself. He knows he will win. After all, Verchiel has taken away everything and everyone who ever meant anything to Aaron.

He has nothing to lose . . . until Verchiel introduces Aaron to his long-lost father.

March 2004
ISBN-10: 0689853084
272 pages
Published by Pocket Books


The Fallen Reckoning



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